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Month: March 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

How IBM Plans to Help Users Out-Learn the Competition

Make no mistake about it: IBM is into a lot of business use cases, but it’s now made Watson its beating heart, impacting virtually all parts of its business.

DHS, FBI Analysis Uncovers Evidence Russia Is Hacking Power Grid

DAILY VIDEO: The U.S. government accuses Russia of hacking the power grid, and Google enhances security management features in Chrome Enterprise.

Microsoft Releases Power BI Mixed Reality App for HoloLens

Power BI gets virtual. HoloLens users can now view and interact with business insights without a PC or mobile device.

Comparing Apple’s iPhone X With Samsung’s Galaxy S9: Which One to Buy

Now that Samsung has started shipping Galaxy S9 and S9+ handsets it time to see how the features of these Android smartphones measure up to Apple’s iPhone X.

IBM Building Power9 Ecosystem to Compete with Intel

IBM is seeing numerous projects under way using both Power8 and Power9, which was launched only last December. It published a list at OpenPower Summit detailing more than 100 solutions developed in partnerships with companies such as Google, Xilinx, Br…

Cambridge Analytica Breach Reveals Facebook’s Weak User Data Defenses

NEWS ANALYSIS: The misappropriation of 50 million Facebook profiles for political data mining without user consent may not directly affect your organization, but the conditions that allowed it to happen certainly do.

Google Launches Shopping Program That Aids Brick and Mortar Retailers

Shopping Actions will make it easier for consumers to buy products directly from brick and mortar retailers via Search and Google Assistant.

GitHub Paid $166,000 in Bug Bounties to Security Researchers in 2017

GitHub celebrated the fourth anniversary of its bug bounty program, which awards security researchers for responsibly disclosing bugs in GitHub services.

Why Xilinx Will Disrupt Itself When New ACAP Chip Launches

An ACAP is suited to accelerate a large set of applications in the emerging era of big data and artificial intelligence. These use cases include video transcoding, database, data compression, search, AI inference, genomics and others.

New Google Stackdriver Pricing Includes Pay as You Go Option

DAILY VIDEO: Google announces new pricing for Stackdriver Monitoring and Logging, and an SSD price drop should spur adoption in notebooks.