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Month: April 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

RSA Acquires Fortscale, Expands NetWitness SIEM Platform

RSA is acquiring privately held user and entity behavior analytics vendor Fortscale in a bid to bring enhanced visibility to the NetWitness security information and event management platform.

Azuqua Launches App Integrations for Adobe Experience Cloud

Azuqua shows first app connectors that enable teams to automate and streamline digital experiences between Adobe solutions and SaaS applications.

Acer Aspire S24 All-in-One PC Combines Ample Power With Great Looks

With its trim all-in-one design, high-powered features and affordable price tag, the Acer Aspire S24 PC has a good chance of winning some enterprise sales from market leaders HP, Lenovo or Dell.

Panera Bread Website Flaw Exposes Customer Information

DAILY VIDEO: Panera Bread’s website is leaking customer data, and Microsoft buys Forerunner Software tech to boost Power BI reporting.

Google Introduces Network Logging, Monitoring Tool for Cloud Customers

Google VPC Flow Logs enables near real-time visibility over network traffic flows to for application debugging, capacity planning and security, company says.

How Workboard Gets Enterprise Employees on the Same Page

A vast majority of organizations fail to achieve their strategies when workforces do not understand how they can contribute to them.

Microsoft Confronts Ransomware, Cyber-Crime in New Office 365 Updates

New Office 365 updates help home users save their files from the clutches of ransomware attacks and avoid other online scams.

TidalScale Updates Its Software-Defined, Composable Server

Instead of taking a standard server and slicing it up into smaller pieces for individual applications, TidalScale aggregates computing power from various commodity-type boxes from within a system and puts it all into a single computing lake of DRAM.

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Lowers Internet of Things Deployment Barriers

New Azure IoT Hub subscriptions provide businesses with a lower barrier to entry for their IoT deployments.

Samsung Unveils ‘Everyday’ Notebook 3, Notebook 5 Laptops

Two Notebook 3 models and one Notebook 5 model are slated to be offered in Korea in April and in other select nations starting in Q2 2018.