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Month: April 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Google Tool Helps Developers Monitor Live Apps for Performance Issues

DAILY VIDEO: Google releases a new application performance management tool, and Microsoft Excel gains new AI-powered data types.

Fedora 28 Set to Deliver New GNOME Linux Desktop for Workstations

Red Hat releases the beta of the Fedora 28 community Linux distribution, providing a preview of new capabilities coming in May.

IBM Reports Fewer Records Breached in 2017 as Ransomware Escalates

The 2018 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index reveals that 25 percent fewer records were breached in 2017 than in the prior year, but there is a big catch: The figure doesn’t include records impacted by ransomware.

Beyond the Deadline: How GDPR Will Impact Your Company’s Risk and Security Profile

eWeek’s Chris Preimesberger and Sean Michael Kerner discuss how preparations for the EU’s GDPR will go a long way toward improving your organization’s IT hygiene in the long run.

Rubrik Launches First SaaS Dev Platform for Data-Management Apps

Polaris represents a big step forward for Rubrik in its evolution from a new-gen storage software provider to a full-fledged data management company.

Facebook Says Most User Accounts Accessible to Profile Scrapers

NEWS ANALYSIS: Facebook has admitted that third parties could have used an account “search and recovery” tool to scrape personal data from most of the company’s 2.2 billion user accounts.

Google Employees Asking Company to Withdraw From Pentagon AI Project

Helping build AI warfare technology will irreparably harm Google’s brand and its technology industry reputation, workers say in letter to CEO Sundar Pichai.

SWIM.AI Emerges From Stealth With Edge Neural Network Platform

Startup SWIM.AI emerges from stealth with technology that applies deep neural networking models to enable data analysis at the edge of the network.

IT Science Case Study: Automating Strategic Alliances with WorkSpan

The strategy was to develop a cloud-based solution that allows cross-company go-to-market business processes using access-based access control security method.