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Month: June 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Intel CEO Krzanich Resigns Over Inappropriate Employee Relationship

DAILY VIDEO: Intel’s CEO resigns, admitting to an inappropriate employee relationship, and Teradata sues SAP for copyright infringement in HANA DB.

Hybrid Cloud: The Industrial Market Strikes Back

Learn how the right cloud strategy can help you rapidly innovate in your own environment and develop in open source tools such as Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and DevOps toolchains.

Accenture Security Builds Out Cyber-Resilience Capabilities

VIDEO: Tom Parker, managing director of Accenture Security, discusses how organizations can improve cyber-resilience with threat intelligence and coached breached simulations.

Why Proposed EU Copyright Law May Cause Chaos

NEWS ANALYSIS: New legislation controlling European copyrights places requirements on internet services that may add significant complexity in how information is presented everywhere.

Recorded Future: Product Overview and Insight

Recorded Future delivers threat intelligence that reveals unknown threats, such as exploit kits, before they impact customers’ businesses.

Microsoft Adds AI-Enabled Visual Search to Bing Mobile Apps

Bing mobile apps for Android and iOS can now identify objects and landmarks using Microsoft’s new AI-enabled visual search feature.

Red Hat Process Automation 7 Goes Cloud-Native

Red Hat adds dynamic case management features to its business process management suite.

Lacework Warns of Unsecured Container Orchestration Dashboards

DAILY VIDEO: A Lacework study finds 300 unsecured container orchestration dashboards, and HPE adds a hybrid cloud-as-a-service offering to its GreenLake cloud platform.

Linux Mint 19 Improves Update Process With Timeshift Backup Tool

The popular Linux desktop distribution will provide users with integrated snapshotting capabilities and automatic updates.

Cylance Extends Endpoint Security Deployment Options

New CylanceHYBRID and CylanceON-PREM offerings bring an AI-powered endpoint security platform to private networks.