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Month: July 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Agribusiness Testing Industrial IoT to Manage Crops, Boost Production

Sakata Seed America worked with Infosys and the Industrial Internet Consortium to develop in-ground sensors and data analytics software that tracks crop growth and health to boost seed yields.

Google Slammed for Cutting off Cloud Platform Customer Without Warning

Google issued an apology for turning off a cloud customer’s critical production app without warning over suspicious account activity.

Zuora Refreshes Product Line for Benefit of CFOs

New product set enables the CFO to be a critical driver of growth with the first and only complete subscription order-to-revenue solution on the market.

How Enterprises Should Choose a Colocation Provider

In addition to enabling enterprises to select their own hardware and software, colocation facilities help enterprises save on the cost of owning the space to house their own data center and allow them to adhere to security and governance regulations.

How User Permissions Enable Developers to Read Your Company’s Email

UPDATED – NEWS ANALYSIS: An article in the Wall Street Journal revealed that Google provides access to email as a way for developers to create apps that use Gmail.

Five Ways Digital Assistants Pose Security Threats in Home, Office

Voice-activated digital assistants in the home—Echo, Cortana, Alexa and Siri—open up a host of new types of vulnerabilities, from issuing commands that aren’t audible to humans to exploiting the accessibility settings activated by digital assistants ….

Google Outlines Best Practices for Zero-Trust Data Access Controls

Google’s BeyondCorp data access model offers greater flexibility and security than traditional network based security controls, company says.