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Month: September 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

IBM Takes Renewed Aim at Developers With New Portal

VIDEO: Angel Diaz, vice president of Developer Advocacy and Technology at IBM, discusses Big Blue’s recently launched Developer portal and how it will help developers work more collaboratively.

‘Fileless’ Malware Attacks Growing in Number and Sophistication

NEWS ANALYSIS: Not all malware arrives on your computers as a virus or some other type of code secreted in a file, but instead manifests itself as a corruption of system services that make your operating system do the dirty work.

Five Ways Government Can Help Businesses Fight Nation-State Attacks

With an increasing number of hostile nations launching cyber-attacks against U.S. industries and critical infrastructure, cyber-security experts say it’s time for the government to provide more help to private business to help thwart these attacks.

Google Claims MasterCard Data Deal Doesn’t Violate Privacy Rights

Google says its Store Sales Measurement program allows advertisers to see how well their online ads are performing using aggregated and highly-anonymized data.

Inefficient Collaboration Tools Hindering Project Management Teams

Project teams are wasting nine weeks a year due to collaboration issues—but IT can help eliminate this via the acquisition and deployment of much-needed project planning and dashboard solutions.

Microsoft Drops Its Year-Old Surface Plus Consumer Financing Program

The Microsoft Surface Plus for Business financing program will continue, however, as the company changes its selling options.