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Month: September 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Talari, Nuage Platforms Connect Offices in Multicloud Environments

DAILY VIDEO: Talari and Nuage take SD-WAN connectivity to the multicloud, and Cloudflare secures time with its Roughtime protocol service.

Pivotal Container Service Improves Kubernetes for Multicloud

The Pivotal Container Service 1.2 update brings together Kubernetes 1.11 and VMware’s NSX network virtualization technology to help secure container deployments.

Symantec Extends Data Loss Prevention Platform With DRM

Symantec is integrating more capabilities into its data loss prevention platform, including improved GDPR compliance and digital rights management features.

Series 4 Apple Watch Is More Than Just a Toy

PRODUCT REVIEW: The Apple Watch is a classic example of wearable electronics; it’s always been good for tracking activity, but now it is also a personal communication device.

Financial Services Innovation: Speeding Transformation through Data Center Modernization

Discover the business drivers and foundational pillars of financial services data center modernization and what it means to have a security-first design.

Salesforce Customer 360 Brings Users Contextually Relevant Customer Info

Salesforce will show off its latest new offerings at the company’s giant Dreamforce conference in San Francisco this week. In addition to previewing the new Salesforce Customer 360, the company also announced a deal with Apple.

Why Dell Is Reportedly Reconsidering Another IPO

NEWS ANALYSIS: Company officials are talking about going public through an IPO after hedge funds balk at a proposal to buy tracking stock tied to VMware, reports say.

Microsoft Adds New Enterprise Protection, Management to Outlook Mobile

“The main thing we want to accomplish is balance,” Microsoft Vice-President Gaurav Sareen told eWEEK. “We want Outlook to be trusted by IT and loved by users.” Sounds simple, but this is not a trivial task to accomplish.

Cisco Rolls Out Webex Edge Services to Data Centers

DAILY VIDEO: Cisco brings Webex Edge services to enterprise data centers, and Newegg is the latest retailer to be a victim of the Magecart malware.

Attivo Brings Cyber-Security Deception to Containers and Serverless

Attivo’s ThreatDefend deception platform can now enable organizations to create decoy containers and serverless functions, in an attempt to trap attackers.