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Month: October 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Facebook to Begin Paying the Wages of Sin

NEWS ANALYSIS: The announcement by UK regulators that Facebook will be fined £500,000 is only a small beginning of what may be a very long period of misery for the social network.

Under Pressure: Developers Struggle With Dependencies, Security

With productivity demands for software projects running high, developers spend too much time managing dependencies and trying to stay up-to-date with security features, and too little time programming.

Hadoop Big Data at Risk From DemonBot, Radware Warns

A botnet is taking advantage of unsecured Hadoop big data clusters, attempting to use victims to help launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

AI Drives Competitive Edge With Improved Products, Worker Creativity

The threat of cyber-security vulnerabilities isn’t stopping enterprises from embracing artificial intelligence technologies—especially when AI drives product improvements that distinguish them from the competition.

Most Organizations Not Engaging in Threat Hunting, Fidelis Reports

Threats can get past detection systems, which is why there is an increasing need for organizations to employ active threat hunting approaches.

Oracle Makes Its Case to Move Legacy Mountains to Cloud

eWEEK ANALYSIS, PART I: CEO Mark Hurd is the chief taskmaster in persuading old-line, institutional Oracle customers to move their humongous billing, ERP and other well-entrenched systems to a new paradigm that will take them safely ahead in the 21st c…

Atmosic Targets Battery-Free IoT Devices With Low-Power Chip Platform

DAILY VIDEO: Startup Atmosic eyes battery-free IoT devices, and Oracle doubles down on cloud security with CASB, WAF and DDoS protection.

Mirantis Brings Cloud Computing to the Edge Without OpenStack

The Mirantis Cloud Platform Edge is a new Kubernetes based effort to enable containers and virtual machines to run at the edge of the network.

Oracle Adds AI, Machine Learning Features to Its Cloud Services

DAILY VIDEO: Oracle puts more smarts into its already smart cloud services and apps, and Pulumi launches Team Edition of its infrastructure-as-code platform.

State of Software Security Moving Forward Slowly, Veracode Reports

CA Veracode’s 2018 State of Software Security Report finds that the same flaws keep on showing up in applications, but there are things that organizations can and should be doing to limit risks.