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Month: November 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

5G Service Will Cover 40% of World’s Population by 2024: Ericsson

And 5G subscriber growth will occur faster than the growth for the prior 4G LTE networks, according to a new survey from Ericsson.

Microsoft Unveils Release Candidate 1 for Azure DevOps Server 2019

The RC1 version is optimized for customers who want to self-host their Azure DevOps Server deployments using the code base of Azure DevOps.

AWS Puts Custom Arm Chips Into Its Cloud

The new EC2 instances are powered by the cloud provider’s new Graviton processors and are optimized for performance and cost.

How Yellowfin Brings Real-Time Insight to Business Analytics

PRODUCT ANALYSIS: Business Intelligence becomes more relevant than ever before with Yellowfin’s Signals and Stories platforms.

Node.js Event-Stream Hack Exposes Supply Chain Security Risks

NEWS ANALYSIS: Simply trusting that code taken from an upstream Github project repository is safe, is not a good practice for maintaining application security.

Visual Studio 15.9 Supports Building Windows 10 Apps on ARM Devices

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft now supports Windows 10 on ARM devices, and Awake Security debuts a network traffic analysis platform to detect risks.

HPE Hones Its Edge Computing Offerings

At the company’s Discover event in Spain, HPE officials introduce a new system, new management software and greater automation capabilities.

AWS Boosts Serverless Security With Firecracker MicroVMs

Amazon Web Services open-sources its new Firecracker lightweight hypervisor technology based on KVM, in an effort to help improve serverless security and performance.

Microsoft Buys FSLogix to Expand Office 365 Desktop Virtualization

By acquiring FSLogix and its technologies, Microsoft hopes to boost the performance of Office 365 and other virtualized applications.

Cisco Predicts More IP Traffic in Next 5 Years Than in History of Internet

INDUSTRY RESEARCH: In its latest Visual Networking Index (VNI), Cisco Systems predicts that by 2022, more IP traffic will cross global networks than in all prior internet years combined. That’s, um, quite a load of traffic.