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Month: April 2019

Technology Sales and Consulting

Docker Hub Breached, Impacting 190,000 Accounts

The widely used container application repository is the victim of a data breach, though Docker Inc. reports the impact is restricted to a small subset of users.

Why Telecoms Are at Leading Edge of Analytics Innovation

eWEEK DATA POINTS: The internet of things, smart devices and new content platforms have telecommunications companies facing a data onslaught. Here’s what they are doing about it.

Toshiba Memory Launches New SAS SSDs for HPE Servers

STORAGE PRODUCT NEWS: Toshiba Memory is the first vendor to introduce vSAS, a new class of SSD that is expected to replace enterprise SATA SSDs in most server applications.

Why Cisco Customers Should Embrace New Smart Licensing

PRODUCT REVIEW: Cisco’s new Smart Licensing simplifies the process of purchasing, upgrading, tracking and licensing infrastructure.

Cyber-security Is Improving, Though Risk Continues to Grow

eWEEK DATA POINTS: The 2019 Trustwave Global Security Report identifies several positive trends for that state of cyber-security, even as attackers continue to evolve and some areas of cyber-security are getting worse.

CylancePERSONA: The First AI Solution to the Password Problem

TREND ANALYSIS: Why AI may be the ultimate replacement for password security.

Beapy Cryptojacking Campaign Uses EternalBlue to Exploit Enterprises

The same core vulnerability that enabled the WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017 is still being used by attackers looking to exploit vulnerable systems, according to Symantec.

GoDaddy Removes 15,000 Subdomains That Were Scamming Users

Researchers from the Unit 42 threat intelligence team at Palo Alto Networks discovered a vast network of scam affiliate marketing sites that were using subdomains set up on compromised GoDaddy users accounts.

FBI Crime Report Lists Business Email Compromise as Top Scam

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cybercriminals are getting better at finding ways to extract large sums of money from companies through the use of email and phishing attacks.

Slack Connects to Email Users, Expands Shared Channels for B2B Comms

NEW-PRODUCT NEWS: Slack unwrapped several new features at its annual Frontiers conference including the new no code Workflow Builder and the ability for traditional email users to participate in Slack messaging.