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Month: October 2020

Technology Sales and Consulting

Zoom Unveils Slew of New Features at Zoomtopia 2020

eWEEK COLLABORATION TREND ANALYSIS: Video vendor Zoom is showing it’s making a pivot from product to platform.

Cohesity, AWS Combine for New Data Management-as-a-Service

eWEEK NEWS ANALYSIS: First-of-its-kind DMaaS package charts new course in data management for mid-size and enterprise users.

Celonis Launches IT’s First Execution Management System

eWEEK IT NEWS ANALYSIS: The system introduces a new set of applications, instruments, a development studio and platform capabilities, all designed to help companies manage every facet of execution management from analytics, to strategy and planning, ma…

Why IBM is Spinning Off its ‘NewCo’ Global Infrastructure Business

eWEEK IT BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE: Elemental changes among IBM’s enterprise customers and in global markets are shifting emphasis away from traditional infrastructure services, including assembly and testing, product engineering and IT economics consulting…

How Cisco Systems Has Revved Up its Webex Innovation Engine

eWEEK COLLABORATION PERSPECTIVE: Why COVID-19 has acted as an accelerant for Webex innovation.

Why XDR Has Emerged as an Important New Security Trend

eWEEK DATA POINTS: Respond Software co-founder offers five questions to consider when evaluating whether eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) would be a useful addition to an enterprise’s security system.

Why Good Machine Data Management Optimizes Analytics Tool Costs

eWEEK BIG DATA ANALYSIS: Despite advancements in machine data analytics, creating a single data stream remains a challenge.

IT Predictions from the Past: How Accurate Were They?

eWEEK looks back at three years ago on the conversation around automation: As the internet gets increasingly more fragile, automation–as it is in most other IT categories–becomes a big factor in making it run more efficiently. How accurate were the p…

How to Innovate Securely with Emerging IT

eWEEK PERSPECTIVE: Alpha innovators are investing heavily and simultaneously in three or more emerging technologies—AI, 5G, Quantum and XR. At the same time, they are collaborating with security executives from Day 1 and throughout the journey for secu…

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold: Literally the Most Flexible Notebook

eWEEK PRODUCT REVIEW: The new Lenovo ThinkPad Fold, starting at $2,499 and ending at $3,099, isn’t a cheap date, but it is the first laptop in some time that tries to increase the flexibility of the product.