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Month: December 2020

Technology Sales and Consulting

Five Benefits of the New MACH Architectural Approach

eWEEK DATA POINTS: MACH approach uses composable, headless solutions and hot-swappable components. When something needs to be replaced because requirements have changed, it can easily be done while not influencing the rest of the setup.

Qualcomm’s Most Interesting New Smartphone Feature

eWEEK MOBILE DEVICE ANALYSIS: Next year, both the network infrastructure and the 5G phones will improve substantially. Carrier aggregation, dynamic spectrum sharing and millimeter wave capabilities and deployments should make 5G performance by year-end…

How Data Theorem Brings Full-Stack Security to Multi-Platform Web Apps

eWEEK PRODUCT TEST AND REVIEW: As more and more enterprises move to the DevOps model to accelerate the development of software, many are finding that application security is often an afterthought. Data Theorem aims to bring visibility, control, and sec…

Lenovo Shows New Data Management Solutions for Hybrid Cloud, AI

eWEEK DATA CENTER PRODUCT ANALYSIS: Lenovo has considerably expanded its business customers’ options for working with hybrid cloud, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

HP Elite c1030 Chromebook: The Corporate Notebook We’ve Been Awaiting

eWEEK NOTEBOOK REVIEW: This Chromebook may be the perfect-storm bridge product, because it comes with Parallels–enabling it to run Windows and macOS. This laptop may also be a better alternative for enterprises than Apple products.

Equinix Shows How Enterprises Can Connect Digital Infrastructure

eWEEK NETWORKNG ANALYSIS: No longer deployed exclusively for cloud connectivity, Equinix Fabric now features a globally connected footprint of services that enables digital managers to connect to everything and everyone that matters to their business.

Industry Perspective: Demystifying Confidential Computing

eWEEK INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE: Confidential Computing is the protection of data in use, through hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). It is a fast-rising subsector of data security that has earned a lot of attention in recent months.

How Arista Brings Enhanced Observability to Switching Platforms

eWEEK NETWORKING ANALYSIS: Combination of Big Switch Monitoring Fabric and DANZ leads to “client to cloud” monitoring and analytics.

Eleven Important Tech Trends to Expect in 2021

eWEEK PREDIXIONS 2021: We offer insights for 2021 from thought leaders representing two trendy companies: EY Americas and Algorithmia.

Juniper Acquires Apstra, Extends Autonomous Options to Data Center

eWEEK NETWORKING BUSINESS ANALYSIS: Apstra delivers multi-vendor intent-based networking, improving Juniper’s overall options.