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Six Remote Work Security Challenges Your Organization Should Address

eWEEK DATA POINTS: We’re now many months into a massive remote work experiment. It’s clear the old way of doing things—with most workers in offices using company-owned devices connected to company-run networks—isn’t coming back.

2020 and CEO Bob Swan’s Impressive Year at Intel

eWEEK PERSPECTIVE: Intel’s former CFO was called upon to rescue the venerable company in a time of trouble; rather than shirk the responsibility, he rolled up his sleeves and drove into the problems, making impressive changes and progress over the last…

#eWEEKchat Jan. 12: What’s Up in Next-Gen Security

Join us Tuesday, Jan. 12 for our 94th monthly #eWEEKchat, because data security is everybody’s concern. We can almost guarantee you’ll learn something new that will enlighten you.

Remembering the Lessons of 2020

eWEEK PERSPECTIVE: Beyond a pandemic, major security breaches, the weirdest national election in memory, wildfires and economic crises, there was still much to be learned from 2020 that we can take back into our daily lives.

How to Improve Remote Collaboration in 2021

eWEEK DATA POINTS: While every team will have a different remote experience, there are some things upon which companies can improve in the future. Here are some suggestions from an expert.

Why Site Search Can Make or Break a Business

eWEEK DATA POINTS: Industry’s first state of search and discovery report reveals best practices, pitfalls involving on-site search services.

Predictions 2021: IT Security and Personal Data Privacy

eWEEK PREDIXIONS: With the sun rising on 2021, security pros are turning their attention toward another year of trying to catch up with the bad actors.

Why WiFi 6E is a Much Bigger Deal Than the Name Suggests

eWEEK NETWORKING PERSPECTIVE: There’s one key piece of the home / office networking puzzle, unavailable today, that will complete your dream network. That piece is based on products running WiFi 6E, a standard only recently ratified by the WiFi Allianc…

Here’s What to Expect in Hopefully Post-Pandemic 2021

eWEEK PERSPECTIVE: Just so you know, your job is not going to get easier in the coming year, and, in fact, it may become harder than it is now.

2020: Bad Year Overall, but Good Things Happened in Tech

eWEEK PERSPECTIVE: The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 overshadowed nearly everything else. Business was disrupted, hundreds of thousands died, the economy was in shambles. The presidential campaign grew more and more negative, schools w…