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Top Natural Language Processing Companies 2022

As more and more companies adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in a variety of sectors, these AI are inevitably put in positions where they have to interact with human beings. From customer support chatbots to virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, these use cases necessitate teaching an AI how to listen, learn, and understand what humans are […]
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TIBCO vs. Google Apigee: API Management Comparison

Application Programming Interface (API) management is all about creating and publishing APIs, enforcing policy about their use, managing access rights, reporting on performance, and analyzing statistics about usage rates. Security is obviously a big part of it. After all, businesses are increasingly dependent on APIs to facilitate their interaction with a multitude of other applications, […]
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AI Ethics: An Overview

Artificial intelligence has progressed to the point where machines are capable of performing tasks that people once thought could only be done by humans. This rise in the power of AI highlights the importance of ethics in AI – we must use this powerful technology in responsible ways. For example, modern artificial intelligence is capable […]
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Top Predictive Analytics Solutions

Understanding complex events in today’s business world is critical. The explosion of data analytics—and the desire for insights and knowledge—represents both an opportunity and a challenge. At the center of this effort is predictive analytics. The ability to transform raw data into insights and make informed business decisions is crucial. Today, predictive analytics plays a […]
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Power BI vs. Tibco Spotfire: Software Comparison 2022

Tibco Spotfire and Microsoft Power BI are two of the top business intelligence and data analytics platforms in the market. Both data platforms are in heavy demand as companies need to make major use of data analytics to gain competitive advantage. Virtually all divisions of companies – across all industry sectors – are data-dependent and […]
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