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Month: February 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Nuance Biometric Security Turns Your Body Into an Authentication Tool

NEWS ANALYSIS: Nuance uses new developments in biometrics to identify a person through unique characteristics that are nearly impossible to crack.

Top Five Ways Security Vulnerabilities Hide in Your IT Systems

Corporate IT systems with known vulnerabilities are often missed or overlooked. In the case of Equifax, a known vulnerability led to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Here are the top-5 ways that vulnerabilities hide inside your company.

Google Introduces SSL Policy Setting Capability For Load Balancers

Organizations using Google’ cloud now have greater control over how its HTTPS and SSL Proxy load balancers connect with client systems.

Social Networks Purge Bots Spreading Fake Posts on Florida Killings

Russian operatives used phony social media accounts, bots and automated postings to spread disinformation about the mass shooting at a Florida high school killing 17 students and staff.

Why IT Disruption a Daily Reality for Majority of Enterprises

Industry disruption is already a daily reality for the majority of companies globally, according to Accenture’s new “disruptability index.”

Samsung Enhances Galaxy S9, S9+ Smartphones Without External Redesign

Samsung avoided making undertaking a major redesign of its latest smartphone models, the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The most significant improvements, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor are inside the case.

Google Releases Beta Version of Flutter Mobile App Development Tool

Developers can use the Flutter framework to speed up their work on native versions of their apps for Android and iOS.

Intel, Qualcomm Talk About Accelerating 5G Efforts at MWC 2018

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, rival chip makers Intel and Qualcomm unveil technologies and plans for 5G connectivity in devices ranging from PCs to smartphones.

Ericsson, Equinix Prepare for 5G Data Centers with New Deal

Ericsson will offer WAN transformation packages using its managed services for telco operators to supply improved end-user experiences. If you haven’t noticed, new-gen IT is all about improved user experiences.

SAP Offers Enterprise Customers a Consumption Model for Cloud Apps

SAP isn’t going to a full “pay-as-you-go” plan for enterprise cloud apps, but it’s new “consumption-based” model makes it easy for companies to manage and pay for services based on pre-determined estimates of usage and cost.