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Month: March 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Tablet Designed to Survive Rough Handling

Samsung designed the Galaxy Tab Active2 tablet to be tough enough to work reliably and survive life in the field and factory where it has to survive, drops, falls, dust and moisture.

Establishing Digital Trust: Don’t Sacrifice Security for Convenience

How can you establish trust over digital channels so you can seamlessly welcome in both new and existing users while keeping fraudulent users out? Watch this webinar to learn more.

Google Commits $300 Million to Fight Fake News, Aid News Organizations

A major focus of Google News Initiative will be to help publishers sustain and grow their businesses in the highly-competitive internet advertising environment.

Nimbus Data Previews World’s Largest (100TB) Solid-State Drive

While many existing SSDs focus on speed, the DC100 is optimized for capacity and efficiency.

Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2019 Test Build

The operating system’s upcoming Long-Term Servicing Channel release includes a cloud-friendly Cluster Sets feature and stronger security.

Common Data Service Gives Power BI Access to More Data Sources

Microsoft wants to break down data siloes by introducing a new capability that makes it easier to analyze data from different business apps using Power BI.

IBM Now Offering Cloud-Based Security for Mainframes

The new IBM Cloud Hyper Protect product line includes four new services that are made possible by bringing IBM Z into IBM’s global public cloud data centers.

How IBM Aims to Make AI Commonplace in AppDev, Business

Company has a good playmaker with Watson, who wins at “Jeopardy” and runs around solving all kinds of business problems without a moment of rest.

Study Finds Companies Lack Plans, Resources to Thwart Cyber-Attacks

An IBM-sponsored study conducted by Ponemon Institute shows that most company don’t have plans in place to how to thwart cyber-attacks in place or contain potential data and business losses.

IBM Launches Watson-Powered Data Kits for Hospitality Industry

Watson Data Kits provide companies with pre-vetted, machine-readable, industry-specific data that can enable them to scale artificial intelligence across their businesses.