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Month: April 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Hackers Use Flaw in Cisco Switches to Attack Critical Infrastructure

The networking vendor’s Talos security unit is issuing a warning to organizations that have deployed Cisco’s Smart Install technology.

Amazon Advances Cloud Security, Storage Tools at AWS Summit

Amazon executives announce a series of new services at the company’s annual AWS Summit event, most with an emphasis on security.

Best Buy, Delta, Sears Hit by Third-Party Chat Widget Breach

Potentially hundreds of thousands of customers across multiple vendors are being impacted by a breach at [24]7.ai that occurred last September but wasn’t reported to vendors until last month.

Samsung Rounds Out Premium Laptop Line With Notebook 5, Notebook 3

Samsung has extended its premium laptop line with two new Windows 10 models, the Notebook 3 and the Notebook 5 that give buyers a number of equipment options include Intel quad-core or dual core processors as well as dual solid-state drive and hard dri…

Crypto-Currency Mining Extensions Banned From Google Chrome Store

DAILY VIDEO: Google bans crypto-currency mining extensions from its Chrome store, and worldwide converged systems saw a 9 percent revenue increase in 2017.

Report: Facebook Sought Access to Medical Records to Target Pharma Ads

NEWS ANALYSIS: While Facebook continues to publicly apologize for massive user privacy breaches, an NBC news report says Facebook sent a physician to major U.S. hospitals seeking access to patient medical records.

Storage Array Maker Infinidat Launches Cloud Data Protection

New products include a 450-pound, ballistically hardened “data bunker” storage appliance and cloud-based data-protection software. The company had not been in the cloud-software business previously.

Google Says Renewable Energy Purchases Exceeded Consumption In 2017

Google’s data centers continue to use both renewable and non-renewable energy, but company moving closer to 100 percent clean energy use.

TERiX CEO Gets Jail Time, $100K Fine for Fraud in Oracle IP Case

Co-owner of TERiX Computer Co. was sentenced in U.S. District Court for his role in fraudulently obtaining more than $10 million worth of intellectual property from the world’s largest database maker.

Research Reports Reveal Web Application, Patching Worries

New reports released the week of April 2-6, provide a snapshot of the top concerns facing enterprise IT today, including data breaches, the challenges of patching and how to improve cyber-security awareness.