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Month: June 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Ticketmaster Breach Exposes Supply Chain Risks

Ticketmaster is the latest online vendor to report a breach that is the result of a third-party widget.

MongoDB Launches Bevy of New Features for Its NoSQL Platform

Release of MongoDB 4.0, database as a service, Atlas serverless platform, MongoDB Stitch, MongoDB Mobile, Kubernetes support and a number of other new capabilities headline conference news.

Certificate Authorities Aim to Improve Identity Assurance

A group of leading SSL/TLS Certificate Authorities are working on the London Protocol effort to figure out what’s needed to improve certificate identity assurance.

IBM Addresses AI Bias with Massive Image Archive

IBM revealed that it will soon make available to the global research community a dataset of 1 million images to improve facial analysis system training; plus a dataset of 36,000 facial images that algorithm designers can use to evaluate bias in their o…

Red Hat Adds Dynamic Case Management Features to BPM Suite

DAILY VIDEO: Red Hat Process Automation 7 goes cloud-native, and Samsung unveils an 8TB small form factor SSD for data centers.

Kubernetes 1.11 Improves Cloud-Native Application Deployment Options

The second major release of Kubernetes in 2018 brings new dynamic kubelet management capabilities, as well as general availability for the IPVS load balancing feature.

‘I Quit’ … How Slow, Outdated IT Encourages Employee Exoduses

Fed up with a lack of functional, integrated and mobile-friendly tech at work, a notable number of professionals are ready to seek greener pastures—with a new employer.

How Virtual Instruments is Helping Enterprises Move Intelligently to Cloud

New service offers application workload analysis and simulation to enable enterprises to fully assess cost/performance tradeoffs as they move applications to the public cloud.

How The Trade Desk Uses AI to Find ‘Perfect’ Impressions for Advertisers

Data-driven insights and new-gen features ostensibly can deliver better planning, smarter buying and stronger performance for brands and agencies.

Microsoft Goes Silo-Busting for Enterprise Cloud Analytics

With the arrival Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and new Azure Data Factory features, Microsoft aims to make big data analytics more attainable for businesses.