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Month: July 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

US Gov’t Outpacing Enterprises in Adopting DMARC Email Security Policy

Ahead of the Oct. 16 deadline, 81 percent of U.S. government agencies are now implementing the DMARC email security specifications.

Looker Joins Google Cloud BigQuery for Self-Serve Analytics

Combination removes machine learning bottlenecks and enables line-of-business users to deploy self-serve predictive metrics.

Phishing Attack Volume Growing at Most Organizations, Mimecast Reports

Mimecast’s State of Email Security report reveals that phishing and ransomware attacks remain an issue and many organizations view their CEOs as a weak link in cyber-security.

How to Give Your Old Workstation a Brain Transplant

EWEEK HOW-TO FEATURE PART 5: You’ve done the analysis, you’ve checked your budget, and the only way you can improve the performance of these workhorse computers is to upgrade them, since replacement isn’t in the cards.

Seven Ways to Boost Productivity of Your Staff

Flock CEO / founder Bhavin Turakhia cites important factors that can drill holes in your team’s productivity and offers solutions to overcome such challenges.

Panasonic Rolls Out Thinner Toughbook Business Handhelds

By making the devices thinner and easier to handle, Panasonic hopes to spur new and current users to adopt its latest rugged handhelds.

Oracle Brings Autonomous Security to Identity With Trust Fabric

Oracle’s new Trust Fabric initiative looks to boost identity and access management with autonomous security capabilities.

Google Embraces Hybrid as Path to the Future Cloud

NEWS ANALYSIS: Google makes an investment in the hybrid cloud segment with new managed, on-premises services.

Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Cloud service providers need a secure and reliable Linux platform that provides exceptional operational efficiencies, allowing them to consolidate a mix of multi-tenant workloads in a small footprint and deliver differentiated level of service to their…

Google Cloud Platform Gets Improved Security, New IoT Options

The search giant unwrapped several new enterprise features at its Google Next ’18 conference, including new security features for Gmail and the general availability of previously announced services that had been in beta release.