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Month: August 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Trend Micro Reports Nearly 10 Fold Increase in Cryptojacking Attacks

DAILY VIDEO: Cryptojacking attacks growing rapidly, Trend Micro reports; Pivot3 unveils hyperconverged infrastructure for the rugged edge.

The Linux Foundation Set to Improve Open-Source Code Security

VIDEO: At the Open Source Summit, Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation explains how the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) for improving open-source code security is moving forward.

Opposition Seems Muted in Statements to FCC on T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

NEWS ANALYSIS: The fact that there is opposition is no surprise, but what is surprising is the list of companies that don’t oppose it along with the apparent support of the public.

IT Science Case Study: How Walmart Embraced Test Automation, Open Source

As part of an initiative to improve customer e-commerce experiences and developer productivity, the Walmart team adopted continuous testing best practices using Selenium and Test Armada.

Torvalds Says Open Source Is the Way to Combat Software Complexity

At the Open Source Summit, Linus Torvalds the creator of Linux talked about the Linux development process, security challenges and why Linux will prosper even after he no longer has a guiding hand on the operating system.

How to Choose the Proper Analytics Tools for an Enterprise

In this article, we offer key steps to provide your organization with a framework for determining how to optimize its analytical tool portfolio and prevent further tool proliferation.

Cisco Meraki, Talari Expand Reach of SD-WAN Offerings

In other network market developments, Versa Networks partners with California Telecom and Colt Network Services grows the global reach of its offerings in the high-profile SD-WAN space.

New AI-Driven Find Tab Helps SharePoint Users Locate Information

The SharePoint mobile app is gaining a “find” tab that will use AI to help users find people, content and more when needed.

What Developers Can Do to Improve Cyber-Security

At the Open Source Summit, Window Snyder, chief security officer at Intel, explains why fear is not a good motivator for improving cyber-security and provides insight into how to improve software defenses.

Couchbase DB Launches First NoSQL Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes

It’s all about automation: Autonomous Operator enables organizations to run and manage Couchbase database autonomously on Kubernetes for lower operational costs, easier usage and lots of time saved.