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Month: September 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Why Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Gaining a Business Following

PRODUCT REVIEW: Once you get used to using it, Samsung’s S pen becomes a truly important part of the user experience, or UX, as it’s commonly called. A bonus is that the integrated tylus includes Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity to add a wider range o…

How to Lock In Enterprise Security in the Age of Collaboration

While this “data everywhere” philosophy is great for efficiency, it’s devastating to traditional security models because they fail to protect data, especially when both the user and the data are beyond the security perimeter.

Salesforce Announces Customer 360 Service, Apple Partnership

DAILY VIDEO: Salesforce Customer 360 brings users contextually relevant customer information, and Symantec extends its data loss prevention platform with DRM.

Facebook Resetting Access Tokens for 90M Users After Breach

Facebook reveals that somehow attackers were able to breach its systems and obtain user access tokens for at least 50 million accounts, triggering a reset involving at least 90 million user accounts.

Users Clicking Through Warnings, Leading to RAT Infections

Cisco Talos and ReversingLabs warn that the Adwind Remote Access Trojan (RAT) has added capabilities that enable it bypass some anti-virus technologies, though users still need to click through warnings in Microsoft Office.

Oracle Improves Security, Performance in Java 11

The second major milestone release of Java in 2018 is now available, providing organizations with a release that will be supported for up to eight years.

Speed, Security Improvements Make Apple iOS 12 a Must-Have Update

SEPTEMBER RECAP VIDEO: Apple’s iOS 12 at first look may look like a boring upgrade, but it is anything but that thanks to improved performance, stability and security.

Qualcomm Accuses Apple Engineers of Sending Trade Secrets to Intel

DAILY VIDEO: Qualcomm claims Apple gave trade secrets to Intel, and a virtual analyst for Adobe Analytics helps uncover customer insights.

How to Fuel Enterprise Growth Using the ‘Efficiency Frontier’

It’s important for any organization trying to maximize growth to find its strategic sweet spot—a set of optimal decisions and investments offering the highest expected return for a particular level of risk.

New Russian Malware Can Embed Itself in PC Firmware

The new Malware is called LoJax because of the way it infiltrates a computer’s firmware in a manner similar to the popular LoJack security software.