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Month: November 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Microsoft Unveils New SharePoint Framework, Microsoft Teams Releases

The Teams improvements are in preview, while the latest SharePoint Framework brings a range of improvements immediately.

Manipulated White House Video Exposes Real Risks to Enterprises

NOVEMBER RECAP VIDEO: A clearly manipulated video released by the White House press secretary shows how today’s advanced video manipulation tools can put enterprises at risk if they do not take precautions.

SignalFx, New Relic Scale Up on Cloud App, Function Monitoring

NEWS ANALYSIS: The popularity of serverless computing means there are now millions potential activities to watch over compared to standard virtual machine or container workloads. However, New Relic and SignalFX are two forward-looking companies offerin…

How AWS Continues to Re:Invent the Cloud

eWEEK DATA POINTS: AWS was firing on all cylinders at re:invent 2018, announcing new and enhanced capabilities that expand the boundaries of both public and private cloud deployment.

Marriott Discloses Breach of 500M Guest Records, Dating Back to 2014

In one of the largest breach disclosures in recent memory, Marriott International has revealed that its Starwood Hotels division had been breached since 2014, leaving customer data including payment card information at risk.

Global IP Traffic to More Than Triple by 2022, Cisco Predicts

DAILY VIDEO: Cisco predicts more IP traffic in the next five years than in history of the internet, and an AWS and Lockheed partnership brings satellites down to Earth.

Why Marriott Breach Includes Some Valuable IT Lessons

NEWS ANALYSIS: It seems that Marriott was doing pretty much everything right when it discovered an ongoing breach, but it may still pay massive penalties.

With Insights Limited, Data, Analytics Efforts Remain Work in Progress

With a lack of business decisions boosted by embedded, actionable data, enterprises admit that they aren’t getting as much out of analytics as they should.

Dell Resets User Passwords After Website Attack

Dell reports that its customer-facing website was attacked, though it has no evidence that any data was taken.

Widely Used Web Conference Service Zoom Patches Critical Flaw

The flaw could have potentially enabled a remote attacker to hijack a web conference and get control of user desktops.