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Month: December 2018

Technology Sales and Consulting

Microsoft 365 Gains AI-Powered Tools and Features

Real-time captions in PowerPoint, acronym suggestions in Word and the ability to reuse slides in PowerPoint are among the new features.

Microsoft Unveils New and Updated SharePoint Web Parts for Users

The latest SharePoint web parts provide additional tools to present content and information to users inside business organizations.

Looking Back at the Top Cyber-Security Incidents of 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS: 2018 was another year of challenges for IT security professionals with no shortage of major vulnerabilities, privacy concerns and data breaches, that will continue to inform decisions and policies into 2019.

Predictions 2019: What We Can Expect for 5G This Year

PREDICTIONS 2019: Despite the fact that 5G won’t be widespread until later in 2019, networking experts are quite willing to offer their own predictions of exactly how this fact new connectivity will impact consumers, enterprises and investors in the ne…

Looking Back at the Most Innovative Laptops of 2018

PRODUCT ANALYSIS: Until recently, it has been hard to find much in the way of laptop innovation. This last year, however, there was a bit of a rebellion. Microsoft released the Surface Go, HPI launched the Spectre Folio and Lenovo released its Yoga Boo…

What Enterprises Can Expect for Cybersecurity in 2019

TREND ANALYSIS: The attacks will get worse, the attackers will become more sophisticated and that means your countermeasures must evolve quickly–or you’re about to be toast.

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear About Cyber-Security, Study Warns

DAILY VIDEO: Cyber-security myths continue to persist, Norton LifeLock reports, and Nvidia’s AGX Xavier helps devs build new autonomous machines.

Technology News We Never Saw Coming in 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS: 2018 brought us some significant improvements in tech, but a few of those happenings–from an autonomous car carrying a drunken driver to a subpoena for a robot and big data-catching crooks–were surprises.

NIST Risk Management Framework 2.0 Updates Cyber-Security Policy

The final version of the NIST Risk Management Framework 2.0 is now available, providing government agencies and commercial enterprises alike with new guidance that aligns risk, privacy and cyber-security controls.

Predictions 2019: What’s in Store for the IoT Greenfield

DATA POINT PREDICTIONS 2019: The internet of things has been on the radar for expected big growth for the last few years. Now the upward movement seems to be accelerating as more companies see the value of gathering more and varied data for their analy…