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Month: January 2019

Technology Sales and Consulting

Azure API Management Gets Preview Support for OpenAPI Specification v3

The OpenAPI Specification v3 is a community-driven open specification designed to standardize how REST APIs are written and used.

A Perspective on Intel’s New CEO: The Best of a Set of Bad Choices

NEWS ANALYSIS: With its financially focused leadership board and CEO, Intel will be focused on fixing damage to the company; strategy will either be something the board will avoid or do badly, because CFOs aren’t known to be product or market visionari…

Why Enterprises Need a Multilayered Approach to Security

JANUARY RECAP VIDEO: To protect yourself, your enterprise must adopt a multilayered approach to security. eWEEK looks at eight levels of security to help mitigate attacks.

Microsoft Container Registry Integration With Docker Hub Gets Updates

Microsoft has made some changes that improve the use of the Microsoft Container Registry with Docker Hub.

Microsoft’s Nadella Calls for US to Adopt Privacy Laws Similar to GDPR

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft’s CEO says privacy is a basic human right and calls for a global GDPR, and the U.S. government warns of a DNS hijacking risk.

Symantec Boosts Endpoint Security With Improved Detection

Multiple product offerings across Symantec’s endpoint security product portfolio are getting updates that advance the state of detection, protection and response.

IBM Warns of Apple Siri Shortcut Scareware Risk

“Hey Siri” is supposed to be a voice command that enables Apple’s digital assistant, but in the wrong hands the new Siri Shortcuts feature could potentially be abused by an attacker.

Microsoft Launches Public Preview of Azure IoT Hub Device Streams

The PaaS service aims to provide a platform to allow developers and vendors to create a secure pathway for IoT device connectivity.

Microsoft Acquires Citus Data to Dive Deeper into Postgres

DATABASE NEWS: The move aims to expand Microsoft’s work with Postgres databases and Microsoft Azure.

Six Trends for 2019 That Will Redefine Enterprise Tech

eWEEK DATA POINTS: Deloitte Consulting has identified six tech trends as the next wave of aspirational change for organizations. Find out how new developments in AI, ubiquitous connectivity, cybersecurity–and even the transformation of “boring” network…