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Month: February 2019

Technology Sales and Consulting

Surprise: Facebook Has Over 2 Million Paid Enterprise Workspace Users

Without much fanfare, Facebook has become a force to be reckoned with in the enterprise. That’s right, Facebook. The company’s collaboration and messaging platform boasts an impressive list of big-name corporate customers.

Containerd Moving Forward as Cloud-Native Landscape Matures

The open-source containerd project has reached the highest level of project status within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, becoming a graduated project, signifying a major achievement that recognizes the project’s stability, code quality and secu…

WordPress 5.1 Provides Improved Site Operation, Health

DAILY VIDEO: WordPress 5.1 improves security with a site health mechanism, and MS Dynamics 365 gets additional AI and data insights functions.

Veriflow Gives Enterprises Visibility Into Their Public Cloud Networks

The company’s CloudPredict SaaS service enables businesses to be more proactive as their multicloud environments get more complex.

U.S. Cyber-Warriors Disrupt Russian Election Attacks

NEWS ANALYSIS: In a series of actions beginning in October and ending in mid-November 2018, the U.S. Cyber Command with help from the NSA shut down Russia’s troll farm.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Projects Gets Increased Kubernetes Support

As more Azure users want to work with Kubernetes, Microsoft’s engineers are adding new capabilities to make it easier to do.

Why SD-WAN Shift to Managed Services a Significant Option

NETWORKING TREND ANALYSIS: Cato’s approach is to run its own cloud-native networking and security stack. In a sense, it’s the cross-section of AWS, networking and security. By owning the network, Cato can control traffic, which can have big implication…

Varjo VR-1: First Commercial VR Headset that Makes Sense

FUTURE TECH NEWS: A true commercial-grade VR headset called the Varjo VR-1 which, at nearly $6,000 plus $1,000 per year for services isn’t a cheap date, but it establishes what is likely the baseline for quality for the segment.

Micron MicroSD Card Holds 1TB of Removable Data

DAILY VIDEO: Micron unveils the world’s first 1TB microSD card at MWC, and Lenovo puts the spotlight on its edge computing and IoT efforts.

Beyond CRM? Altify Touts CRO as Next Big Enterprise Aspiration

While Salesforce leads in customer relationship management (CRM), one of its partners, Altify, is pitching a new category of enterprise software that it says gives companies a way to get more value out of their commercial relationships.