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Month: April 2019

Technology Sales and Consulting

Docker Enterprise 3.0 Advances Container Development

At DockerCon 19, Docker Inc announces the latest release of its flagship commercial platform in a bid to help make container development, deployment and management easier for enterprises.

Microsoft Adds Office 365 Security Policy Advisor Service

The Security Policy Advisor is designed to help reduce the complexity of creating and managing security policies for Office 365.

Shuttleworth Tells OpenStack to Keep Its Focus on the Cloud

At the Open Infrastructure Summit, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth announces a new commercial support program for open infrastructure and criticizes the OpenStack Foundation’s efforts to look beyond its core cloud platform.

Microsoft Rolling Out File Restore Feature for SharePoint Users

The new Microsoft 365 feature is also being delivered to users of Microsoft Teams to give them enhanced file restoration capabilities.

Dell Makes Major Hybrid Cloud Push With VMware, Azure

NEWS ANALYSIS: At its annual user conference, the company unveils a broad hybrid cloud initiative that includes VMware’s Cloud and Cloud Foundation and Microsoft Azure.

How Dell EMC is Building a Different, Diverse Company

NEWS ANALYSIS: Dell had become excessively risk averse, and it needed to make a change so that it could again accept reasonable risks in order to advance in the market. Here’s how the company approached this issue.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 18 Boasts Long List of Updates

The integrated environment for managing SQL infrastructures can be used with SQL Server, Azure SQL database and SQL Data Warehouse.

Five Things Network Engineers Should Know about Cisco’s DevNet Program

TREND ANALYSIS: Cisco’s recent DevNet Create event showed that the program has grown increasingly diverse and is now relevant to all network engineers.

OpenStack Looks to Help Define the Future of Open Infrastructure

The OpenStack Foundation kicks off its inaugural Open Infrastructure Summit, confirming a pair of top-level projects as it expands its open-source cloud efforts.

With Internet Crime on the Rise, Businesses Must Remain Vigilant

NEWS ANALYSIS: The head of the FBI’s white-collar crime division tells eWEEK that there’s a lot businesses can do to insulate themselves from cyber-criminals.